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Great American BBQ 2024

January 13th | 12pm-9pm

Phoenix Events Complex – 2209 N 99th Ave, Phoenix, AZ

A Mouthwatering Celebration of All Things BBQ!

BE AWARE – Forty8 Live! tickets are only sold on TixJuJu and Posh ticketing platforms. We encourage you not to purchase tickets from any other site or location, as they are more than likely fraudulent, and the tickets will not be honored.


Tickets not availabe at this time

The Great American BBQ offers a tantalizing experience for food enthusiasts and grill aficionados alike. This annual festival, deeply rooted in American culinary traditions, brings together pitmasters, chefs, and BBQ enthusiasts from all corners of the Southwest to showcase their skills and savory creations along with live talent and fun activities for the kids.
Tickets are only for admission to the event, and do not include food or beverages, unless specifically stated.

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